Reviewing the CB-6000

When WINGS found out that I was going through a post-breakup phase where I was willing (and wanting) to try everything at least once, they decided to up the ante. They tasked me with going locked for the very first time and writing about it. Of course, being the diligent employee that I am, I accepted. I kept a daily log as I embarked on my mission, and below are my findings. I will not only give a review of the CB-X cage itself, but rather a no-bullshit review of the overall experience. So, whether you’re horny, bored, curious or all three, keep reading…


Choosing the cage.

CB-X makes cock cages in six different sizes, with their smallest, Mini Me, coming in at 1.25″ in length and their largest, The Curve, coming in at 3.75″. I went into the Mister B store in Amsterdam to pick out my cage, and those little guys look deceptively small! Even holding the largest size in my hand, I was doubtful whether it would fit. A little reality check sorted me right out: I may be reasonably well endowed, but there was no way that CB-X wasn’t catering to those who are seriously packing down there. So, I mentally placed my dick on the grand global scale of cocks and went from there with the CB-6000 (see below for a tip to get that snug fit). Finally, I was faced with choosing the right cockring part. Three different sizes come with the cage, and again I was tempted to go for the largest size, so I did. But after a not so enjoyable experience on day two, where I woke up to find out one of my balls had slipped out whilst the other had gotten jammed mid-slip, I downsized.

TIP: I tried all the techniques to get it on, but the only one you need to know about is this: cut open a plastic bag into a large square, pinch the middle and feed it slightly through the pee hole at the tip of the cage. The cage should now be ‘lined’ with the bag you cut open. Put your cock at the entrance of the cage as you normally would. Take hold of the bag through the pee hole and start pulling it through, allowing the movement to suck your cock in with it. Easy, straightforward and pain-free! 

Finding the keyholder.

Much like the cock cage itself, the keyholder has to be the right fit for you. I’ve heard of some guys keeping the key to themselves, and if it’s only for short-term play, then that’s probably very feasible. But I was a beginner with zero self-control and I was going for a long stretch right off the bat, so I found myself a keyholder. He was a guy I had already played around with a few times and built a nice report with, which helped keep the experience sexy and fun, even in the most frustrating and messy moments. He also had experience being the locked one, which was the cherry on the icing. In my experience, any kink/BDSM scenario is bettered when the person in the dominant role has experienced the flip side. We sat down and had an honest, open chat about what we could both expect. While we may not have predicted everything, it certainly helped build my trust in him and the process.

Accepting the experience.

Now for the juicy stuff! This experience was in one word: wild. I’m a person who feels my feelings. I can bounce back and forth between emotions like a yo-yo but never have I ever felt such a clusterfuck of them in such a short period of time. Feeling the pain of waking up in the mornings with a ruined boner fighting against my cage; feeling the humiliation when I would walk to the showers in the gym, and everyone would be staring; feeling frustrated when I would tell guys I was locked, and they would lose interest and not come over; even feeling newfound focus and drive to study hard. While some of those feelings were expected and others not, what surprised me the most was that it actually got increasingly horny as time went on. Once I accepted the fact that I was on this crazy ride and wasn’t getting off, that’s when the fun kicked in: finding new ways to get pleasure. I can honestly say I’ve never had so much fun playing with my hole and allowing the mental stimulation of the whole experience to take me to crazy new heights of sensuality.

The review.

Whilst there may have been some issues with the fit initially, this is nothing that can’t be fixed with a bit of advice (hey there!) and a few trial-and-error runs. Once you discover your cage size and cockring fit, the CB-X cage is the perfect companion to go on this journey with. Like any cock cage, it’s designed to keep you from getting hard, but after settling into its new home and accepting its reality, my cock found the CB-X cage surprisingly comfortable. Whilst my keyholder unlocked me for a proper shower twice, there are several ergonomic slits in the body of the cage that make daily cleaning amazingly hassle-free. As for the experience, it was truly so much more than fucking sexy; it was exhilarating, enlightening and dare I say liberating. Yes, liberating – even when locked!

If you’re interested in going on your own locked-up journey, check out to see the full range of CB-X cock cages. If you have any more questions about Clark’s experience, or naughty ideas of what you want him to try next, send him a message on Instagram @TheClarkCullen.