Churning Butter in the Boy

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When my editor asked me to do a review of Boy Butter products, I was thrilled. My life had now officially peeked. All my endeavors had accumulated to this very moment. My life’s work. My Opus Ani. During the, say, creative process of this review, I did encounter a slight moral challenge. Because as far as the water-based Boy Butter goes, I could be the good boy I needed to be; and use gloves. But what to do – or who – when it came to the oil-based one? Then I remembered the wise words of many of my closest friends:  “Go fuck yourself”. And before you get too excited, let me stress that alas, I cannot. I can, however, fist myself; which comes in handy at times – pun intended – like, for instance, when I need to review an oil-based product that doesn’t work with condoms or gloves! 
Ah! My work and my ethics are safe. So, without further ado, here are my experiences with the water and oil-based Boy Butter products:

What surprised me the most was the consistency, as I’ve never actually used Boy Butter, I didn’t know what to expect – especially not from a water-based lubricant for fisting.
It looks and feels like something somewhere in between sour cream and whipped cream.
But although the creamy, soft, delicious Boy-Batter definitely looks tasty, I wouldn’t recommend dunking your favorite crisps in them. It’s bitter-ish and, well, not tasty. (Yes, I actually purposefully had a taste. All for you, readers.)
I was pleased to discover that it has little to no smell, a definite plus.
The star of the show, in these terms, is of course the lubrication itself. I will admit that I’m always skeptical about how enduring water-based lubricants are, but once again, Boy Butter surprises.
The thick, creamy consistency keeps low friction for a noticeable while before re-application is needed.

I have to say; this product is the gift that keeps on giving. Or receiving. Depending which end you prefer. For this specific lubricant, I got to be both!
With an open mind (and an open bottle of poppers, mind you; everything from here on out had to be done with one free hand…) I dug in to my prepared little bowl of the product.
Just as the water-based one, the consistency is bordering delicious. Not as airy as the previous one, this cream is dense, like the sweetest, heaviest, sturdiest, yet buttery frosting.
To be frank, I didn’t notice any huge difference from the water-based version other than this nice, thicker feel during the action.


As mentioned, having no prior experience with any versions of the Boy Butter, I had no idea what to expect. With the oil-based one I was assuming it would be hard work to clean up after myself.
But to my great surprise, both versions of the Boy Butter wash off easily, with no sort of residue or oily skin after showering. Both have a noticeable long lasting low friction and very similar consistencies that in the end come down to personal preference.

You like a slightly “lighter” creamy feel.
You need it to be compatible with latex condoms and gloves.

You like a slightly thicker, soft buttery cream
You don’t need it to be compatible with latex condoms and gloves.

Photography by: Rene Zuiderveld

When using lubricants that come in jars, prepare your play sessions by transferring a generous amount of the product with a spoon into a separate bowl. That way, you don’t risk contaminating the rest of the product in the container.

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