Ode to My Quarantine Lover

As soon as I grabbed it I knew I wanted it inside of me. I took my time washing it, caressing and rubbing the soapy water over its curvy, bulbous shape. So smooth and fat, I fantasized about squishing this handsome, red, round phallus into my asshole as I squeezed it in my palm under the warm, running water. The tip is rather blunt, but that’s what you’d expect from a butt plug with a circumference of eight and a half inches. I had been in quarantine for a couple of months at this point, without any sex or physical contact with another man, just jerking off every day and the occasional put-the-ol’-toy-up-my-ass, so I was definitely looking forward to this. The only thing keeping my silicone lover from penetrating me was my black Levi’s and my leather belt, which I immediately started to unbuckle.

I certainly wasn’t willing to give up

I hopped on the bed and grabbed my water-based Mister B Lube and oozed it all over my date. I was mad with anticipation as I lubed up my hole with my fingers, hungrily opening up my tunnel. Yanking on my balls and squeezing my nipples I was getting myself really worked up. Finally, I took a deep huff of poppers and I was ready for my first go. I arched my back, gave my pucker a push, and tried to shove it in, but this guy was so big it hardly felt like he was inching inward at all. A little thrust more and I felt my ass stretching so I squeezed him firmly with my hand and he finally slid past my second sphincter where he positioned himself into a place of perfect pleasure.

My quivering burrow was wrapped around his narrow neck and it was amazing! Lying on my back with my feet in the air, one hand was pumping my throbbing meat and my other hand reached around my thick thigh yanking on the plug hard and then soft as the feeling of my hole stretching and releasing was horning me up so much. This big-boy butt plug has a fuck chute along the length of him, perfect for a big cock to slide in, or fingers, as mine did, massaging me open even more. I was falling in love with this brute inside of me.  I needed to feel him enter me again, so I slowly pulled him out and a rush went through my body.  Feeling my gaping hole with my wet fingers I knew I wanted more, so I squeezed him tightly and pressed him up against my opening. This time he slid right back in, making me moan while I stroked my girthy, uncut meat.

Designed to be deep enough to keep his thrusts aimed right where you want it.


Between the yanking and the fingering, and the heavy work on my nipples, I was having a fucking romp with this gigantic piece of silicone beef and I wasn’t able to keep it inside of me any longer. Suddenly my big dick was swelling up as I began to yank harder on the toy. I knew I was ready to bust a nut and I wanted to feel him sliding out of me when I did. I took another huff of poppers and gave him a final tug. “Ahhhh!” I let out a huge sigh as loads of cum spurt out all over my furry belly and beard as I felt him slide out of me. What a rush! My legs collapsed on the bed, my body soaked with sweat and cum and a huge look of satisfaction on my face, I felt great.  As I laid back, basking in the afterglow of a quick, but highly fulfilling session, I was very happy. Especially knowing that even if the quarantine went on for a while longer I wouldn’t have to face it alone anymore. 

Topped Toys Chute 85

The Chute 85 is the next size up in our fuckable Chute series. The 2.7 inch wide plug will definitely give your hole a stretch, then let your top slide his dick in along the fuck chute. Designed to be deep enough to keep his thrusts aimed right where you want them, but shallow enough that you won’t miss the extra stretch of being double penetrated, the chute is a great toy for tops and bottoms. Use it one on one or take it to a party.


Topped Toys Chute 85 - Forge Red
Designed to be deep enough to keep his thrusts aimed right where you want it.
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Topped Toys Chute 85