PUB Crawl Mannheim

Written by: Sebastian Schneider

Have you also invested a whole lot into your fetish gear with far too few chances to wear it? That’s how we, a group of six fetish friends in Mannheim, felt two years ago. Inspired by the rubber pub crawl in Cologne, we thought why not do something about it and started the Mannheim fetish pub crawl.

The idea is simple, gather a group of fetish guys, throw on your gear, and hop from bar to bar. Since we don’t have fetish bars in the city centre we hit up the regular gay bars. This has the advantage of bringing the fetish experience out of a sexual environment and into the open. It’s also a good chance to get to know a lot of people without using a dating app. The night ends when everybody is either too drunk to continue or desperately in need of more privacy.

The pub crawls take place bi-monthly and since we started in January 2016 we’ve organized ten of them.

Instead of publicly announcing the events, as that could introduce legal liability, we include people through the word of mouth and the fetish network. For this reason, we have a private pub crawl Facebook group where everyone is welcome to invite their fetish friends to join. This is also where we post our pub crawl event calendar including various other fetish events in the surrounding area.

It’s always hard to predict how many guys will jump into their gear and join us and the number of crawlers will vary from 10 to over 30 per event.

Besides the fetish pub crawls, Mannheim has a vibrant fetish life. Some of you might remember the Mega Gaywerk parties at club MS Connexion from the nineties. The club and parties are still going on, taking place on Easter, after the Pride Parade and on Christmas. Club Jails reopened this year and offer different kinky themed parties each weekend. Besides that, there are two fetish associations based in Mannheim, LUGMAN and RUBCLUB.

LUGMAN (Leather, Uniform, Gummi in Mannheim) celebrated their 20th-anniversary last year and organized the Mister Leather Baden-Württemberg election together with LC Stuttgart this year. RUBCLUB is offering its members a platform to share playrooms, organize photo shootings and fetish parties.

As always, fetish life is what you make out of it. So be proud of who you are and do your thing.



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