“They look like juicy little wine gums that you want to stuff in your hole”


An OXBALLS sex toy review written by Marco Hohl 

Last week I was watching a YouTube video by The Cut in which people had to match sex toys to a couple of (queer) couples standing behind them in a line-up. It was all kinds of fun and pretty revealing, not just when it comes to people’s kinks, but also when it comes to their attitudes regarding the use and enjoyment of sex toys.  
There was this one lady in particular whose opinions I found really triggering. She had to guess which couple was the proud owner of a Fleshlight. The interviewer asked her if she thought sex toys were good for couples, she said: “Yes, they can be, if he’s not good at eating pussy, or if he has a micro penis.” Laughter ensued on set (and in front of my screen).  
As the video continued playing, I started thinking about her response, which I found quite ‘interesting’, to say the least. To this lady sex toys are something you should only use when you are lacking in certain departments, whether its physical attributes or skills. This to me is absolutely untrue. It’s not about compensation, but about enhancing your sex life. Sex toys are there to make your sexual experiences more enjoyable and adventurous, which brings us to this review of 4 beautiful new sex toys by OXBALLS, that promise to do just that. 

OXBALLS, for those of you unfamiliar with the brand, are shockingly superior sex toys, that fit and feel right. They combine innovation with sleek and eye popping designs. OXBALLS toys quickly warm up to your body temperature and they retain the heat, thanks to the silicone of which they’re made. They look like juicy little wine gums that you can’t help but stuff in your (face) hole. They get you rock hard, by being super soft!  

Personally, I’m a big fan of the cockrings that OXBALLS comes up with. They’re colorful, comfortable, and do what they’re supposed to do: keep you hard over long periods of time. OXBALLS cockrings are made from FLEXtpr; a material which feels both rubbery and soft; it firmly grips your ball sack and erect dick, and keeps them in place. I tried out the pool blue COCKSLINGAIR. This toy combines a cockring with a ballstretcher. It looks like something a football player would wear under his jockstrap, to keep his thick, sweaty meat under control. The cage-like design creates a bigger bulge. Fucking with the COCKSLINGAIR is an absolute experience. You feel your cock and balls working in perfect unison with every thrust.  

Oxballs COCKSLING AIR - Pool Blue

Want to get really, really hard immediately? Then put on one of the affordable OXBALLS FAT WILLY C-RINGS. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3. No, really! The OXBALLS FAT WILLY C-RINGS come as a handy 3-pack situation. You can use 1, 2 or 3 of these stretchy, blubbery cockrings all at the same time. Put them around the base of your shaft and your balls, and show off that mighty fine erection of yours. The space blue OXBALLS FAT WILLY C-RINGS feel nice and tight and keep you going for a long time. My partner actually had to take them off at one point so he could cum. Tip: you can also use them to stretch your sack, by stacking them on your balls.   

Oxballs FAT WILLY 3-pack Cockrings - Space Blue

And while we’re on the subject of stretching balls. I would have never ever considered buying a sex toy that is solely meant for ballstretching myself (it simply ain’t my fantasy), but I have to admit that testing the OXBALLS HEAVYSQUEEZE weighted ballstretcher has expanded my horizon, or should I say stretched my imagination?  

Oxballs HEAVY SQUEEZE Weighted Ballstretcher - Space Blue

The HEAVYSQUEEZE is a squishy toy that fits really nicely around your sack and in between your legs because of its triangular shape. It stays in place while standing, squatting, fucking and jerking off. The OXBALLS HEAVYSQUEEZE comes with 3 stainless steel weights, each fits into its own pocket on the side of the ballstretcher. This prevents the weights from swinging under your testicles. It’s not like you feel gravity pulling you down when you are wearing the OXBALLS HEAVYSQUEEZE, but it’s a nice feeling nonetheless. I like how kinky my sack looks with the space blue ballstretcher clutching my testicles. It gives your partner something to hold on to when they’re fucking you, and I love tugging it myself when I’m bottoming.  

Oxballs FIDO - Teal

If you’re into puppy play and want to change things up, you should try the OXBALLS FIDO cocksheath. As I mentioned in my previous OXBALLS review I’m really into cocksheaths at the moment. They’re basically hollow dildos that you can stick your erect dick in. They have a cocksling at the base that grips your balls and keeps the cocksheath in place, no matter how hard you play. The teal OXBALLS FIDO is a soft, rubbery cocksheath shaped like a dog’s dick made from FLEXtpr. When bottoming you’ll feel its pointy tip slide in first. It has a thick, soft knot in the middle (near the base of your partner’s cock) that will stretch your ass open. It’s intrusive, especially when you’re getting fucked with a passion, and looks filthy entering your bussy. When topping the inner chamber of the toy creates a sloppy sucking sensation. It feels like you’re getting a blowjob while pounding your pup’s hungry, gaping hole. I cannot recommend experimenting with different cocksheaths enough. They’re really addictive! 

Make sure to check out my final scores for all the toys mentioned in this review, and hop over to the Mister B web shop for even more OXBALLS toys. All the toys I got to review were fifty shades of blue this time around discover all the different color options in our online shop!  
“They look like juicy little wine gums that you want to stuff in your hole”
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review by Marco Hohl
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